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Helping you gain a greater functioning state.


CONROY PERFORMANCE offers a comprehensive range of evidence-based rehabilitation interventions to address various conditions and injuries. Whether that’s general aches and pains, sports injuries, or post-operative surgery, we’re here to help guide you.


Interventions used are up to date with the latest are scientific research and techniques to ensure each client receives the best care possible.

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WEEK 1 - Initial consultation/screening followed up with an email and programming for future sessions.

WEEKS 2-8 – Focus was on lots of horizontal pulling, posterior cuff, and education of proper shoulder mechanics, with little to no shoulder flexion until symptoms had improved.

WEEKS 9-16 – Explore more demand overhead in pain-free ranges, increase upper body volume, and continue building a robust shoulder. Symptoms are dramatically better and don’t occur often.

WEEKS 17 onwards – Continue to build on tolerance for uncertainty for the shoulder allowing degrees of movement variability. Move the sole focus away from the shoulder and integrate demand into other areas. Symptoms little to none.

*The whole process demands adherence to achieve results, Louise has been a great example of this.


Based on 31 reviews

Working with Dennis has been a game changer. My back pain is significantly reduced and the numbness / tingling in my leg is all but gone. I feel increasingly stronger every week, just amazing.

- Laura Lewis

Dennis is extremely knowledgeable and detailed, always taking the time to explain everything very clearly and always providing encouragement and motivation in a personable, calm way.

- Louise Hunt

Dennis is the real deal. I’ve been working with him for 6 months and feel fitter, stronger and more mobile than I have in about ten years. As a result, I’m enjoying my training more than ever.

- Michaeljon Alexander-Scott

His attention to detail is second to none. For too long I’ve spent hours in the gym and found myself hitting plateaus. After 1 session Dennis identified my areas of imbalance, and put a plan to get my body working to its full potential.

- James Duiguid

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