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An immersive 12-week strength and specific conditioning
programme that ensures you’ll be Hyrox race ready.


HYROX is a competitive, global indoor fitness event made up of a 1km run followed by 1 functional workout, repeated 8 times (meaning 8km of run in total, plus 8 functional workouts). The goal is to race the clock and complete the event in the quickest time possible.


Hyrox has become a regular occurrence for many of the clients that we work with. We’ve helped those that are embarking on their first Hyrox race to those that are aiming to make the Hyrox world. Conroy Performance has the tools, expertise and knowledge to help you excel in your preparation and smash your next race.



We believe that there is no quick fix when it comes to making sure that you are race-ready. Both programmes include 5 training days a week with optional extras across 12 weeks. Sessions can be further broken down into; 2-3 running-based sessions, 2 strength training sessions, and a Hyrox-specific session. They include an undulating approach comprising of an accumulation, intensification, pre-competition/simulation and a taper. This ensures no stone is unturned when it comes to a well-rounded approach.


Although the programme will incorporate specific Hyrox elements, it is designed to maximise your performance on race day through targeted strength training and structured conditioning pieces. The ultimate goal of our programmes is to help you feel confident that you can achieve your target time on race day.



Our Hyrox FOUNDATIONS programme is designed for those new to Hyrox competitions. Perfect for those who have a basic level of fitness, are keen to get stuck in and want to see what all the fuss is about.

Coming Soon


Our Hyrox ELEVATE programme is designed for those who have raced before and want to level up their performance. Perfect for those who have multiple events in the calendar and want the edge.

Coming Soon


To assist you further for those that are on these programmes we hold a team call which will guide you through your race day strategy and ensure you know exactly how to execute your race on the day.

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Based on 31 reviews

Working with Dennis has been a game changer. My back pain is significantly reduced and the numbness / tingling in my leg is all but gone. I feel increasingly stronger every week, just amazing.

- Laura Lewis

Dennis is extremely knowledgeable and detailed, always taking the time to explain everything very clearly and always providing encouragement and motivation in a personable, calm way.

- Louise Hunt

Dennis is the real deal. I’ve been working with him for 6 months and feel fitter, stronger and more mobile than I have in about ten years. As a result, I’m enjoying my training more than ever.

- Michaeljon Alexander-Scott

His attention to detail is second to none. For too long I’ve spent hours in the gym and found myself hitting plateaus. After 1 session Dennis identified my areas of imbalance, and put a plan to get my body working to its full potential.

- James Duiguid

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